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Druids and Rangers... Oh my!

There's this article making the rounds lately. It's about a man who had to cut down a 30-year-old tree by a city council. He swore revenge and then got that final revenge by planting seeds of sequoias. One of the said seedlings even ends up in the mayor's front yard. Now, I'm not here to debate the authenticity of the article. I'm just here to tell you about another conversation I had with one of my betas after we both read the article. Have patience here, this is a post that will have numerous roleplaying and D&D references. Never F*ck with a Druid or a Ranger. Some love to throw around the saying, "Never screw over a Bard, because they will do as Bards do."
Why is that?

Let's look at the historical account of what a Bard was (and thus did). You'll note that there are many similarities between the Bard and the modern journalist, with a little bit of rockstar and storyteller thrown in.  They won't actually do anything to you but your …