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Have a seat and sit right there, let me tell you about the time Derek Moss didn't even exist in the Kingdom of Walden

Yes, seriously.

At first, the only mention of him was when he was "Steve", which may or may not be the name of the person I based him off of (it is) was during an aborted phone conversation. In fact, the first sign of trouble (ie: the end of civilization as we knew it) was that Terrence's conversation with Steve was cut off because the phones went dead... and then we never heard from poor Steve again.
Flash forward to me having the first draft done, or almost anyway, as I was in the middle of writing it during NaNoWriMo 2012 (yes, After Oil is a NaNo novel!). Steve calls our house somewhat late at night to share the fact that he had managed to sign a pretty fantastic deal (Derek = Steve, remember... completely). Shortly after, he asks the Big Question, which was, "So, what are you up to?"
I answered, and it took awhile to explain it, and he asks if he's in it. I answer that other than for a few seconds, no. He was so upset that he was left out... and I mean…

Ghostwalker - Book Four of the Kingdom of Walden Series - On Shelves April 21st, 2017

The fourth book of the Kingdom of Walden Series, Ghostwalker, on shelves everywhere April 21st, 2017. Again (almost a flashback here to October when Between Silence and Fire came out) a certain retailer is already selling it (Kindle) but, again, you have one last week to wait if you want the hardcover.
Now we're five years after I wrote the first book, After Oil.  Five years and three years since After Oil was first released way back during Anime North in May 2014.  Now, we're four books in and I have something else to tell you.
Ignore the acknowledgments in the back when I say Ghostwalker is the last book...
... There at least two more books.  (What?  What? WHAT?!) You read that correctly.  Two more books! So, the list is now up to six:
After OilThe Last Iron HorseBetween Silence and FireGhostwalkerRed SailsWhispers on the Wind
I will have more news as things happen, but don't forget about these two events coming up:

Next weekend I am hosting a massive online release party …

A Frequently Asked Question - How I Decide On Which Character is a Main, and Which Character Is Not

There's a question that gets kicked around often.  It's either asked in a writer's group (or two) and other times it's asked by readers.  That question is:

Kristan, how do you come up with realistic characters, and how do you choose who among those characters will be the main or primary character?
That's a many headed question, but since it is related I feel very comfortable in answering... I have no idea.



Characters are like real people (and in some cases, particularly in The Kingdom of Walden series, they were based on real people) to me.  Every single last character I write has a complete backstory, history, and personality as well as a job... outside of being a character in a book.  Even the minor characters have that same detail and care poured into them.  If they have a name, they have a certain degree of realness--the same potential as a main character to have their own story written about them.

So, why don't they?

Firstly, that would make…