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This blog is migrating!

I know, I know!  Where did all my posts go? Well, everything is being migrated to my website and will now be hosted there instead of through Blogger.  Please update your links and watch as all of my archived posts are moved over there. Where is it, though? That's easy enough to find! For now on all you have to do is just go straight to my website at   All of my posts will be there from now on.
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Ghostwalker - Book Four of the Kingdom of Walden Series - On Shelves April 21st, 2017

The fourth book of the Rangers of Walden Series, Ghostwalker , on shelves everywhere April 21st, 2017. Again (almost a flashback here to October when Between Silence and Fire came out) a certain retailer is already selling it (Kindle) but, again, you have one last week to wait if you want the hardcover. Now we're five years after I wrote the first book, Ashes in Winter .  Five years and three years since Ashes in Winter  was first released way back during Anime North in May 2014.  Now, we're four books in and I have something else to tell you. Ignore the acknowledgments in the back when I say Ghostwalker is the last book... ... There at least two more books.  (What?  What? WHAT?! ) You read that correctly.  Two more books! So, the list is now up to six: Ashes in Winter The Last Iron Horse Between Silence and Fire Ghostwalker Whispers on the Wind Red Sails I will have more news as things happen, but don't forget about these two events coming u