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Why Libraries are Critical to Authors and Readers

I'll be flat out honest here:  This post is mostly geared to my fellow authors and those who just love to write in general.  Granted, readers will also love to note why these halls of knowledge are literal lifelines to anyone involved with writing.

They're our social centre.

I'm dead serious here.  A writer is not, by nature, a social creature.  We spend much of our time in front of whatever device it is we prefer to use slamming down words onto that device that we rarely poke our heads up and into real life.

This is a problem because, perversely, we need to keep connected with real life in order to be able to come up with things to write about.

As a side note, this is why my blog tends to have roller coaster moments of activity and then death.  I've run out of things to tell you outside of begging you to either sign up to my mailing list or buy my books.  Frankly, I don't like spamming people so I stop blogging until I find something (anything) to write about.


Are we ready for the fourth book of the Kingdom of Walden Series?

I know it's barely been four months since the previous book came out, but considering that Between Silence and Fire and Ghostwalker were supposed to be the same book it's only fitting that there isn't as much of a gap between these two books as the others.

There will be a book five, but we'll talk about that in another post.

So, back to Ghostwalker.

Ghostwalker sees Derek back in Garson.  Yes, he's made it back there after everything after all... but I wish I could say it was something he wanted to do.  I won't spoil the end of Between Silence and Fire for those who haven't read it yet, nor will I spoil a single moment more of Ghostwalker either, but I can say that this book is the final chapter for everything going on in the downtown core.  If you were wondering what had happened or why things happened the way they did in After Oil regarding Harnet, his people, and where they even came from I can say I answered those questions for you in Ghostwalker.

Now t…