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Last Day of NaNoWriMo - Writing Prompt from the Sudbury Wrimos

Red Sails, like all NaNoWriMo novels, is full of "Easter Eggs" that only other NaNo's would understand. For example, The Last Iron Horse (also a NaNoWriMo novel) featured the group challenge of killing Eric Kovach. The death of this now famous NaNoWriMo admin & organizer is one that makes anyone familiar with NaNoWriMo fall over laughing (and knowing full well what's ahead for the hapless character based on him!) and waiting for the big exit. This NaNo was no different, only there was a different prompt every single day (if you were a member of the Sudbury Wrimo Group, anyway). Today's prompt (which I have saved, because... in the rewrite... you never know) was to "Bring back all the characters that you have killed in your story." Story (not book) means the entire Kingdom of Walden series and not just Red Sails. Thankfully, they don't mean this in a literal sense (it *can*) but in a figurative sense. It's a good thing since there…