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Between Silence and Fire - Book Three of the Kingdom of Walden Series - On Shelves October 28th, 2016

I'm really pleased to announce that the third book of the Kingdom of Walden Series, Between Silence and Fire, will be on shelves everywhere on October 28th, 2016. Some retailers already are selling it (Kindle) but you have one last week to wait if you want the hardcover.  It's almost here.
I can't believe it's been four years since I first wrote After Oil and started this whole thing.  You guys have been amazing in pushing me to keep the series going.  I'm sure some of you have also noticed the change from "Trilogy" to "Series"...
... Why is that?
Well, it's not a trilogy anymore!
You wanted more - and now you've got it.  I have already written (and apparently on Kobo it, too, is available for pre-order now) the fourth book of this series, Ghostwalker.  Ghostwalker will pick up almost immediately after this one ends... and you won't have as long a wait between this book and Ghostwalker.  Unlike these past three books, Ghostwalker wa…

Where does the art come from?

The one thing that always tickles me everytime I go to a signing is how many people ask me the following question, "Where did your artistic side come from?"

The short answer is, "My family."

And, in truth, it's part of the long answer as well.  My family is full of artists.  Even the ones who don't appear to have an artistic bone in their body is, in their own way, an artist.  However, the love of reading (and writing) came from my Nanny (Viola Minard), who was my mother's mom... so my grandmother on the Minard side.  Writing, and typing, came from my great-grandmother on my Dad's side (Dad's mom's mom, Marjorie Morrison).

Nanny loved books--more so than me (and that's not an easy task, believe me) and I always remember floor to ceiling bookshelves crammed full of books always dominating her apartment.  Her present to me on every birthday and Christmas was either a new book, or--later--gift cards and certificates from Coles, Smithbooks …

How I wrote a novel on a BlackBerry Q10

I tweeted today about writing The Last Iron Horse on my BlackBerry Q10 (it's true, I did!) and I'm a bit surprised by the response. Let me tell you why I ended up writing that novel on a BlackBerry (in particular, the Q10).
It has a physical keyboard, not a touchscreen. Don't get me wrong, I've tried other Android devices as well as an iPhone 6s, but what keeps bringing me back to BlackBerry hardware is that keyboard.
I know BlackBerry has already stated they're not making hardware anymore, so I think this could be my last phone (ever) because of the keyboard. Yes, it slides. Some people don't like that. I do. I had two other phones with a slider and I loved them both. What would make it even better is a sideways slider vs. the way it works now.
Why do I love the physical keyboard so much?
Well, I can feel when I'm typing and on what letter I'm typing. Touch is great for convenience, but I type far faster when I know the key I'm pressing is the one …

If you can't vote for Clinton, then don't vote.

Being Canadian, I don't usually poke my nose into US politics.  However, today I must.  Let me make something very clear:  I'm not a Hillary Clinton supporter.  And, let me warn you right now, this blog post is not going to be easy to read.

Trust me when I say it wasn't easy to write either.

WARNING:  This post contains graphic content in relation to a past sexual assault.

But cannot, and will not, sit idly by and watch my neighbours to the south support a man that openly speaks about sexual assault like it's no big deal.  Hearing the news, and that awful tape, on the news before I could change the channel have left me horrified and almost weeping tears in a corner due to a very old memory pushing itself up to the forefront of my mind and saying, "You will remember this in every painful detail."

I'm a victim of sexual assault.  Not once, but twice, and each time my experiences were belittled and made out to be 'fantasy' or exaggerated.

Donald Trump…