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Transcript from the Chatzy AMA & SIBA After Party

I did a chat/AMA for the SIBA After Party.  I decided to include the transcript of the impromptu interview.  Forgive how small and compressed it is.  I've cleaned it up as much as possible for readability.

Kristan Cannon: So, let's get this party started with a few things about the book that was nominated for an award (*woot woot*). I wrote After Oil during NaNoWriMo 2012. Somehow, during that month I wrote nearly 100k words of utter randomness that somehow was drawn into a manuscript later. Kristan Cannon: I had absolutely no intention of ever publishing it, whether shopping it traditionally or self-publishing. Kristan Cannon: ... So every character in it is actually based on real people I know. I was just intending on polishing it up, making it reasonably passable as a book, and maybe getting a few copies printed a local print shop and giving it to those same friends as a "Ha, ha, remember that Dark Reign/Beyond the Supernatural game we did...? Yeah, I made a chronicle of …

Summer Splash Book Blog Tour - Week 9 - Susan Ferrell

We are now at the end of the Summer Splash Book Blog Tour, and the final author in this tour is the ever incredible Susan Ferrell, author of the Whipple Wash Chronicles (she's also up for a #SIBA in the Fantasy category!)

1) When did you realize you were going to be a writer?
I was an artist and designer for years, writing was therapeutic. Then one day I sent an email out to family and friends that received such great responses I sent more out. With their encouragement I made the emails into a book for

mat and had 10 copies printed. Once I saw my writting in a book format I was hooked and needed to write and publish more.

2) Describe your perfect writing space.
My favorite writing space is anywhere I can take my laptop. I write all over my house, inside and out. I also have been known to frequent coffee shops, libraries and a park bench or two.

Connect with Susan: Blog:

Book Release Announcement - Quotidiandose: 30 Days of Sass by Ellie Mack

I really enjoyed reading this.  It was a whole lot like Chicken Soup for the Soul.  Ellie really has her own flavour, however, and while this book reminded me of Chicken Soup for the Soul it had a huge hit of Tabasco Sauce for some serious added kick.

From the author
A collection of daily musings combines edgy, funny, practical, everyday reality with a dose of personal sass. There are life-lessons in the words that are applicable for everyone. I hope they will put a smile on your face and brighten your day.

A portion of proceeds from print copies of this book will go to Action for Autism. 

Get the book here, you won't regret it:

About Ellie Mack

Ellie Mack received her BS in cartography from Southeast Missouri State University. After leaving the corporate world for the title of MOM, she has pursued her writing dreams. Nowadays Ellie charts unmapped territory through her fiction and humor writing. She lives near St. …