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How Pokemon Go works (or why I went from being a hater to loving it)

Okay, by now everyone and their brother have probably heard about Pokemon Go.  When it first came out I was like many who thought it was stupid.  People are running around, trying to catch a fake monster on their phones and tablets, and someti
mes being really stupid and trespassing, walking off of cliffs or into traffic.

Not for me.

So, what made me change my mind?

It had everything to do with researching everything I could find on it, including how it works and what makes the programming tick.

(Disclaimer: This blog post is not meant as a gameplay guide.  You may get a few tips and tricks from it, but the intent to find such is not here)

The first thing to note is how the Pokemon spawn rate works.

First things first:  If you're sitting someplace rural, you're probably SOL.  The reason is that the spawn rate/chance is directly linked to cell data and how many people in that area are actually playing or have played recently.  It doesn't matter if there is a Pokestop with a…

Summer Splash Book Blog Tour - Week 3: Catherine Banks

Yes, we're still making the summer sizzle with some hot summer reads.  (By hot, I don't necessarily mean erotica... just some excellent indie books).

This week I had a short sit down with Catherine Banks, the author of Pirate Princess and Daughter of Lions, as well as the Artemis Lupine Series, the Little Death Bringer Series, and the Ciara Steele Novella Series.  This brings her total presence in just novellas and novels alone to ten distinct works.

Banks has been writing for a long time and the fantastic writing in her books show it.

So, what did she have to say when we had a short chat?

When did you first realize you were going to be a writer?
I was a storyteller as a toddler and I never stopped. I didnt really consider myself a writer until I published my first novel in 2010, but I’ve always been one. Describe your ultimate writing space.
It would have to be a gorgeous executive desk with a comfy desk chair and the perfect ergonomic keyboard. Lots of sunlight and at night, …

Summer Splash Book Blog Tour Week 2: Ashley Marie Nestler

This week I talk to Ashley Marie Nestler, author of Into the Fog and Beautiful Nightmare.

Ashley was first published in her senior year of high school by a small press.

I will let the full weight of the talent of this young writer sink in for a moment.

Some authors dream of a publishing deal, but to be able to get a publishing deal (traditionally) while still in high school is a statistical improbability--but she achieved it.  That first book was Beautiful Nightmare.  Reviewers say that if you're a fan of the The Giver, then you'll love this book.

I happen to agree.

She soon followed up with a second book, Into the Fog.  I haven't had a chance to read this one yet but if it was as good as the first book then I can't wait.

So, I asked a few questions of this extraordinary writer and these were her answers:

When did you first realize you were going to be a writer?I have always been a writer, but the first time I really knew that this was what I meant to do was when I was …

Summer Splash Book Blog Tour - Introduction & Opening

I don't do very many blog tours.  It's not that I don't want to do them, but that I admit I have no idea how to go about joining one.
Or, rather, I had no idea.
Obviously, with the Summer Splash Book Blog Tour, this has changed.  So, welcome to everyone that found their way to my blog through the blog tour.  To my regular readers... you're going to notice a sudden increase in post frequency this summer as I interview some indie authors, and review their books.
So, for the summer, you will have this to look forward to:
This blog for today is a bit out of the schedule.  I can sense my regulars asking, "What else is new?"
I am turning over a new leaf!
No, really.
On every Sunday starting now until the end of August, I will be posting on of the following eight interviews:
July 17th - Week Two: Ashley Nestler July 24th - Week Three: DR Perry July 31st - Week Four: Cat Banks August 7th - Week Five: Anna Kringle August 14th - Week Six: Susan Ferrell August 21st - We…