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Buxton Peak: Who Is Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor is the main character in Buxton Peak Book One: Who Is Ian Taylor? by Julie Spencer.

Normally I would give a far more in depth review, however, this book is still on my "To be read" list.  I swear I'll get back to it.  However, my first impression in the very quick read of the first few pages did impress me and I'm looking to read it once I get through my very long list of books that I'm reading right now.

So, this is an even shorter post to let people know I haven't forgotten about my blog or the book.

I will get back to it, I promise.

In other news:

I have completely rewritten After Oil.  I'll be honest--I didn't like what I was reading and neither did reviewers.  I know some of you liked it, but even you all gave me a fair assessment of saying it needed work, and it needed some extra finishing.

So, I talked to the publishing house, and the editing team and I went over it with a fine-tooth comb.

There are some critical changes, but the sto…