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The Last Iron Horse - Giveaway

Hello everyone!

I have something to share today--another giveaway.  This time, I'm giving away FOUR copies of The Last Iron Horse in hardcover.  This contest is open to anyone in Canada, the US, Australia or the UK.  While these will not come autographed, it has allowed me to open the contest to a wider audience.

The contest is hosted on GoodReads and the below widget will take you straight to it.

Good luck!

Goodreads Book Giveaway The Last Iron Horse by Kristan Cannon Giveaway ends May 14, 2016.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway

A Day in the Life of...

Most people don't realize this right away (but they soon figure it out) but the life of a writer is incredibly busy.

In most cases, particularly for an indie (whether traditionally published or self-published), we have to support ourselves using another base income.  The money from sales adds up to a nice bonus but we learn early on not to bank on it.  Royalties are often staggered to arrive quarterly instead of monthly, and certainly not weekly or bi-weekly like a normal pay cheque, and even then there could be a significant delay between when the book ends up in print to when the first cheque actually arrives, which usually means an author won't see their royalty cheque until the following quarter.

That means a wait of up to six months before the first cheque arrives, even if the statement of royalties owed arrives far sooner than that.  The other thing, too, is that the royalty cheque may be smaller than people expect despite brisk sales.  We certainly do not get what you s…