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Book Review: The Zombie, the Cat and Barack Obama

Disclaimer:  I receive free ARC's for my (rare) reviews.  It is something I'd like to get into more often.  Chris is also a special case as he and I are published through the same publishing house.  However, I've tried to be flat out honest without being harder on him, or easier on him, because of this.

The Zombie, the Cat and Barack Obama
by Christopher Meade
Genre: Horror & Political Satire.
Length:  Approximately 120-ish pages in print (shorter read)
Kristan's rating: 4/5

Firstly, I'm not into humour as much as the next person but I thought I'd give this a go.  I wasn't disappointed as not only the premise set itself up well but the delivery was pretty good too.  I won't ruin the plotline with detailed rundown, but if you invite an intelligent, piano-playing zombie into your house you should expect some shenanigans... and shenanigans definitely happen.

Combine it with a ton of tongue in cheek jabs at conspiracy theories, Barack Obama, and... oh... a …