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Strong female role models from The Kingdom of Walden Trilogy.

Having strong female role models in fiction are important.  Women aren't supposed to be prizes for men to "win", nor are they arm candy.  However, you don't have to write a character as a butch to slap on a "strong woman" label.   With the Kingdom of Walden Trilogy, I created a few strong female characters with both flaws and strengths.  Yes, I based a few off of people I do know personally, but these two are only a minority in comparison with the others I created from scratch.

And they weren't easy to create.  It took many rounds of revisions in the character creation to create these so they lived and breathed...

They are all strong in their own way and have their own set of strengths, flaws and quirks... and this is a small sample.  There are more than just four strong female characters, but the others come and go.


Marissa does not rest on her, or even her husband's, laurels.  In After Oil, the first thing she's doing is yelling out th…

#AuthorLifeMonth Day 9: Challenge Overcome

Most people see the more glamourous side of writing, but don't necessarily see the challenges that have to be overcome to even get a book to print.  Easily the greatest challenge is either being accepted by an agent (and a publisher, period) or doing it yourself through self-publishing.

I can see this making me a bit unpopular by a few of the holdouts on the legitimacy of self-publishing, but the reality is to do it right self-publishing is no less legitimate as going traditional.  Considering the long tradition you might say it was the original method of getting your book to print.  Cervantes did it, and I think Shakespeare did it.  In fact, Stephen King even did it (and this is the short list!).  If these heavy hitters in literacy history did it, then why do we attach such a negative stigma to the approach?

I digress, and that can be another post for another time although the point still stands... easily the greatest challenge is not just getting the book to print but also getti…

#AuthorLifeMonth Day 6 - Fan Fiction & Fan Art based off my own writing.

So far there isn't any fan fiction or art based on my books.

Well... not that can be shared in a family safe environment, anyway... let's just say there's a reason in The Last Iron Horse that I spelled out the whole father/daughter-like relationship between the two main characters...  I haven't really been "on the market" long enough to have fan art or fan fiction based on what I write.

I'll admit I've dabbled in fan fiction (I did mention I love Doctor Who, right?) and some of what I've written in a fannish nature helped develop skills and writing techniques used in creating my own original work.  My profile comes with a warning that my fan work can, and will, change at a moment's notice depending on what I've since learnt and feel the need to edit and revise older work.

So, I don't really have much to show for today other than this post.

I'm open to that changing, however... if there are any artists who love to mak…