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Things to ask a freelance editor

As an author, I learnt extremely quickly that there are predators in the forest of books.  While legitimate author services can help you present your books and titles in their best possible light, unfortunately, there is just as many that would love nothing more than to remove your hard earned money from your pocket and into theirs.
1) What are your qualifications? While it's okay to not have a degree in English, or a degree at all, most professional editors DO. Failing that they either are a serious English Lit nerd or have something slightly below that (ie: Journalism at the College level)
2) What do you like to read when you're not working? ... And the answer should not be, "I don't read anything unless I'm paid to edit it." If it is, run. Generally, and the only reason to ask this is to determine if they're a good fit, not to find out if they're qualified. If the books they *like* to read run the same as yours, or, at least, the same style, then you …