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NaNoWriMo Aftermath (AKA: WTF Did I Write This November??)

So, another November (and NaNoWriMo) has come and gone.  Many words were written.  To borrow my ML's words, "Many good words were written... we hope."

Well... there's a draft...

I won't say how good it is.

(*cue crickets*)

Yeah, it's that bad.  I mean, if I decided I was going to finally vomit a novel all over some pages and simply hope for the best I can honestly tell you I succeeded.  I sincerely hope that this draft never, ever, sees the light of day because it's that painful to read over.

Now, I'm not saying it's a complete loss...

(*cue second round of crickets*)

... But I definitely need to completely rewrite and replot this for the future draft to make any sort of remote sense.

But that's what a first draft is for.  Even when writing a series, you have to at least get something onto the paper (even if figuratively here - most writers use computers) so that you know what you've written and to have something to even work with.  If I d…

Last Day of NaNoWriMo - Writing Prompt from the Sudbury Wrimos

Red Sails, like all NaNoWriMo novels, is full of "Easter Eggs" that only other NaNo's would understand. For example, The Last Iron Horse (also a NaNoWriMo novel) featured the group challenge of killing Eric Kovach. The death of this now famous NaNoWriMo admin & organizer is one that makes anyone familiar with NaNoWriMo fall over laughing (and knowing full well what's ahead for the hapless character based on him!) and waiting for the big exit. This NaNo was no different, only there was a different prompt every single day (if you were a member of the Sudbury Wrimo Group, anyway). Today's prompt (which I have saved, because... in the rewrite... you never know) was to "Bring back all the characters that you have killed in your story." Story (not book) means the entire Kingdom of Walden series and not just Red Sails. Thankfully, they don't mean this in a literal sense (it *can*) but in a figurative sense. It's a good thing since there…

Between Silence and Fire - Book Three of the Kingdom of Walden Series - On Shelves October 28th, 2016

I'm really pleased to announce that the third book of the Kingdom of Walden Series, Between Silence and Fire, will be on shelves everywhere on October 28th, 2016. Some retailers already are selling it (Kindle) but you have one last week to wait if you want the hardcover.  It's almost here.
I can't believe it's been four years since I first wrote After Oil and started this whole thing.  You guys have been amazing in pushing me to keep the series going.  I'm sure some of you have also noticed the change from "Trilogy" to "Series"...
... Why is that?
Well, it's not a trilogy anymore!
You wanted more - and now you've got it.  I have already written (and apparently on Kobo it, too, is available for pre-order now) the fourth book of this series, Ghostwalker.  Ghostwalker will pick up almost immediately after this one ends... and you won't have as long a wait between this book and Ghostwalker.  Unlike these past three books, Ghostwalker wa…

Where does the art come from?

The one thing that always tickles me everytime I go to a signing is how many people ask me the following question, "Where did your artistic side come from?"

The short answer is, "My family."

And, in truth, it's part of the long answer as well.  My family is full of artists.  Even the ones who don't appear to have an artistic bone in their body is, in their own way, an artist.  However, the love of reading (and writing) came from my Nanny (Viola Minard), who was my mother's mom... so my grandmother on the Minard side.  Writing, and typing, came from my great-grandmother on my Dad's side (Dad's mom's mom, Marjorie Morrison).

Nanny loved books--more so than me (and that's not an easy task, believe me) and I always remember floor to ceiling bookshelves crammed full of books always dominating her apartment.  Her present to me on every birthday and Christmas was either a new book, or--later--gift cards and certificates from Coles, Smithbooks …

How I wrote a novel on a BlackBerry Q10

I tweeted today about writing The Last Iron Horse on my BlackBerry Q10 (it's true, I did!) and I'm a bit surprised by the response. Let me tell you why I ended up writing that novel on a BlackBerry (in particular, the Q10).
It has a physical keyboard, not a touchscreen. Don't get me wrong, I've tried other Android devices as well as an iPhone 6s, but what keeps bringing me back to BlackBerry hardware is that keyboard.
I know BlackBerry has already stated they're not making hardware anymore, so I think this could be my last phone (ever) because of the keyboard. Yes, it slides. Some people don't like that. I do. I had two other phones with a slider and I loved them both. What would make it even better is a sideways slider vs. the way it works now.
Why do I love the physical keyboard so much?
Well, I can feel when I'm typing and on what letter I'm typing. Touch is great for convenience, but I type far faster when I know the key I'm pressing is the one …

If you can't vote for Clinton, then don't vote.

Being Canadian, I don't usually poke my nose into US politics.  However, today I must.  Let me make something very clear:  I'm not a Hillary Clinton supporter.  And, let me warn you right now, this blog post is not going to be easy to read.

Trust me when I say it wasn't easy to write either.

WARNING:  This post contains graphic content in relation to a past sexual assault.

But cannot, and will not, sit idly by and watch my neighbours to the south support a man that openly speaks about sexual assault like it's no big deal.  Hearing the news, and that awful tape, on the news before I could change the channel have left me horrified and almost weeping tears in a corner due to a very old memory pushing itself up to the forefront of my mind and saying, "You will remember this in every painful detail."

I'm a victim of sexual assault.  Not once, but twice, and each time my experiences were belittled and made out to be 'fantasy' or exaggerated.

Donald Trump…

Transcript from the Chatzy AMA & SIBA After Party

I did a chat/AMA for the SIBA After Party.  I decided to include the transcript of the impromptu interview.  Forgive how small and compressed it is.  I've cleaned it up as much as possible for readability.

Kristan Cannon: So, let's get this party started with a few things about the book that was nominated for an award (*woot woot*). I wrote After Oil during NaNoWriMo 2012. Somehow, during that month I wrote nearly 100k words of utter randomness that somehow was drawn into a manuscript later. Kristan Cannon: I had absolutely no intention of ever publishing it, whether shopping it traditionally or self-publishing. Kristan Cannon: ... So every character in it is actually based on real people I know. I was just intending on polishing it up, making it reasonably passable as a book, and maybe getting a few copies printed a local print shop and giving it to those same friends as a "Ha, ha, remember that Dark Reign/Beyond the Supernatural game we did...? Yeah, I made a chronicle of …

Summer Splash Book Blog Tour - Week 9 - Susan Ferrell

We are now at the end of the Summer Splash Book Blog Tour, and the final author in this tour is the ever incredible Susan Ferrell, author of the Whipple Wash Chronicles (she's also up for a #SIBA in the Fantasy category!)

1) When did you realize you were going to be a writer?
I was an artist and designer for years, writing was therapeutic. Then one day I sent an email out to family and friends that received such great responses I sent more out. With their encouragement I made the emails into a book for

mat and had 10 copies printed. Once I saw my writting in a book format I was hooked and needed to write and publish more.

2) Describe your perfect writing space.
My favorite writing space is anywhere I can take my laptop. I write all over my house, inside and out. I also have been known to frequent coffee shops, libraries and a park bench or two.

Connect with Susan: Blog:

Book Release Announcement - Quotidiandose: 30 Days of Sass by Ellie Mack

I really enjoyed reading this.  It was a whole lot like Chicken Soup for the Soul.  Ellie really has her own flavour, however, and while this book reminded me of Chicken Soup for the Soul it had a huge hit of Tabasco Sauce for some serious added kick.

From the author
A collection of daily musings combines edgy, funny, practical, everyday reality with a dose of personal sass. There are life-lessons in the words that are applicable for everyone. I hope they will put a smile on your face and brighten your day.

A portion of proceeds from print copies of this book will go to Action for Autism. 

Get the book here, you won't regret it:

About Ellie Mack

Ellie Mack received her BS in cartography from Southeast Missouri State University. After leaving the corporate world for the title of MOM, she has pursued her writing dreams. Nowadays Ellie charts unmapped territory through her fiction and humor writing. She lives near St. …

#SIBA2016 - After Oil is in the running!

Greetings everyone!

I am really, really excited to share this short little post, and call to action...

After Oil, originally published by KCEditions in August 2014, has been nominated for the reader's choice style Summer Indie Book Award (SIBA) for 2016.  This is where you, the reader, gets to vote on your indie and small press published books for the prestigious SIBA2016 in the Dystopian category.

The last I checked I was sitting at #8 out of over 120 fantastic titles.

Wow... I have no idea what to say about that other than I love you all.

But I would love to win it, and to win means I need every single last vote you can give me.

Go now and vote.

(*After Oil sits in the top third of the list.  The list is by order of nomination, not alphabetical)

Summer Splash Book Blog Tour - Week 8 - Anna Kringle

Today on Kristan's Desk I feature Anna Kringle, author of The Rooftops of London, A Trivial Venture, Return to Masonry, and Masonry: Tales and Lore of the Old Kingdom.

Anna currently resides in Tacoma, Washington but is originally from Orland, California.

1) When did you first realize you were going to be a writer? 

When I was in junior high I think. I wanted to read all these stories that didn't exist, so decided to write them!

2) Describe your ultimate writing space. 

Oh dear... It has a kettle and a coffee maker, a comfy chair, and all the writing options I could want. After being on the move for so long, it's hard to think in finer details. But it will have plenty of pens and paper!

Connect with Anna:

Find Anna's Books:
Barnes & Noble: http://…

Summer Splash Tour Week 7 - Leslie Conzatti

This week on Kristan's Desk I feature author Leslie Conzatti and her books.  Leslie describes herself as a manic writer and voracious reader, and her blog, the Upstream Writer, shows this to be very true as she reviews books as well as writes them.  Leslie doesn't have any books finished yet, but she is definitely getting there.  Her blog is definitely worth checking out for all the goodies and advice, as well as insights on various books she has read.

Definitely someone to keep an eye on!

I managed to slide in two questions for today's feature.

1) When did you first realize you were going to be a writer?
Probably the moment came way back when I was first getting into reading children's novels. I came across a book I distinctly recalled having read before... but as I read, I became confused because the story I remembered was NOT the story in the book! That's when I realized that, a few years prior, when I was just learning to read, I had "read" the pictur…

Summer Splash Book Blog Tour - Week 6 - M.J. Spickett

This week I sat down with author M.J. Spickett, a local author who is also from Northern Ontario (like me).  She currently resides in Massey, Ontario with her young son.  There is a video interview where I sat down with her for 45 minutes.  (I'll update this blog post when the upload completes).

M.J is the author of the hottest fiction around... and I don't just mean in the selling way... I mean in the way where you'll need either a cold shower or to find your partner for some sexy romps.

Her books, Fallen and Unspoken Oaths are character-driven urban fantasy thrillers... and thrills are not just the James Bond-esque action.

It's the hot... hot... HOT and steamy scenes her heroine, Selena Hawke, finds herself in between not one but two super hunks.

And in typical Selena fashion... why choose when you can have both?

Yeah, she went there.  And she left me needing some, er, time in a bedroom with my own partner.

When did you first realize you were going to be a writer?
I fi…

Summer Splash Book Blog Tour - Week 5: DR Perry

This week I sat down with D.R. Perry, author of Dragon My Heart Around, which is the latest book in her series, Providence Paranormal College.  She writes urban and paranormal fantasy set in or around Rhode Island, and her series is up to four books.  Perry has also written for a few popular anthologies, such as The Longest Night Watch (dedicated to the legendary Sir Terry Pratchett as well as awareness for Alzheimer's), Stardust Always (dedicated to David Bowie and Alan Rickman, both lost due to cancer this year), and Of Hexes and Hauntings. Perry is very elusive, so, while I have a picture of a table and her books, I have not been able to snap a picture of her. When did you first realize you were going to be a writer?I didn't even dare think I could try and make a go at it as a career until I was 39. Every time I start thinking about wasted years, I remember Alan Rickman. His first film role wasn't until age 42. And here I am now, about to have that birthday myself with …

Author Interview: Kat Caffee (Author of the Followers of Torment Series)

This is outside of the Book Blog Tour, but I had the opportunity to "sit down" (ie: chat online with) another talented author, and the only day I had was today.  Out of that chat came this fantastic interview with author Kat Caffee, author of the fantasy series, the Followers of Torment.  She has a new book coming out, and a brand spanking new website.

What better time than now to post this?

Exactly what I thought!

The Interview
1) When did you first discover your love for writing?
I’m actually an “accidental author” to be honest.  I’ve been a story teller from a very young age (somewhere back around 2nd or 3rd grade if memory serves), but I have always had trouble getting the stories down into some form of long-term form.  The current saga I’m working on, and the series that are lining up at the doors behind it, are the first stories that have come through the fires with any hope of completion.  I’ve had to take a brief detour right now, before I can honor the tone behind my …

Summer Splash Book Blog Tour - Week 4: Carol Ann King

Another week and another author on the book tour!  This time it's fellow Canuck Carol Ann King from Burlington, Ontario.  King and I have something else in common--we both had the same brain wave to give away our royalties for the Fort MacMurray wildfires.  King took it a step further, and not only challenged other authors but organized them into gathering for a fundraiser to raise support for the relief efforts in Alberta.

(Please give C.A. King a huge round of applause for that!  She thoroughly deserves it!)

So, when given the chance to finally talk to her and ask a few questions for the Summer Splash Book Blog Tour, I leapt at it.  I only managed two questions, but she does have a GoodReads profile accepting questions.  Give this Canadian Indie your support by flooding her page with attention.

When did you first realize you were going to be a writer?  

I don't think I ever have. I still write because it helps ease the pain of the loss of my loved ones. It's motivation to …

How Pokemon Go works (or why I went from being a hater to loving it)

Okay, by now everyone and their brother have probably heard about Pokemon Go.  When it first came out I was like many who thought it was stupid.  People are running around, trying to catch a fake monster on their phones and tablets, and someti
mes being really stupid and trespassing, walking off of cliffs or into traffic.

Not for me.

So, what made me change my mind?

It had everything to do with researching everything I could find on it, including how it works and what makes the programming tick.

(Disclaimer: This blog post is not meant as a gameplay guide.  You may get a few tips and tricks from it, but the intent to find such is not here)

The first thing to note is how the Pokemon spawn rate works.

First things first:  If you're sitting someplace rural, you're probably SOL.  The reason is that the spawn rate/chance is directly linked to cell data and how many people in that area are actually playing or have played recently.  It doesn't matter if there is a Pokestop with a…