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Origins: After Oil, The Last Iron Horse... and where the character Derek Moss came from.

I've getting asked quite a bit about where the idea originated.  It seems to be a very popular question.

The truth is... everyone in the books, from Derek to Abigail, are based off people I actually know.  The trilogy got its start a few ways.

The first was during a role-playing game called Dead Reign.  It's not a big secret that I'm no fan of zombies (at all), and the end of the world brought on by nuclear apocalypse has been done to death that it was also not an option I really wanted to explore... much as I love the Fallout series.  The game master at the time wanted to know what could possibly bring my interest back but still make it playable within Dead Reign.  I immediately asked, "Pick something without zombies or nuclear wastelands."

That left a challenge.  What else could end civilization to make it a post-apocalyptic game of survival?

The answer came from a surprising source--on the Discovery Channel there was this special called "The End of Oil&qu…