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The Writer's Curse: Anxiety and How I Overcome It

Today's post is more a ramble that I have attempted to edit so it makes sense, and it's certainly an example of my thought process.

First, let me point something out -- Not all writer's experience the same level of anxiety as I do but, for those who do I'm one of them.  I know I'm certainly not alone.

There was this meme going around Facebook a few weeks ago that described the mind of someone creative as being like a browser with a few thousand tabs open all the time.  I cannot stress how true this is.

What it forgot was the constant sense of dread and panic that comes from all that.  Think about it, or, better yet, open as many tabs as you can in your browser without crashing your system.  Now know that if you open even one more that your system will crash, but at the same time if you close anything you'll lose something you were working on because you don't have the option to save it.

The writer is like this especially if we have to balance a day job (and…

Post NaNo Coma Alert!

I realize the last post probably seems a bit like a time warp considering it clearly says there's a few days left in November and we are most definitely almost midway through December... already.


Screaming aside this means I have long finished the first draft to The Last Iron Horse, and yes... it did come in over the 100k mark.  In fact the final word count was 105,340 words.  That being said I am taking a break and not even looking at the manuscript.  I have a few other projects that are overdue and need to be finished up before I do.

That being said...

... It's December!  Why are we even talking about manuscripts and editing and work in general?  The holidays are upon us and we should be celebrating our family and the achievements of the previous year.  And yes, planning for the next but that can come later... as in after Boxing Day later when it's time to put the final polish on whatever New Year's resolution we might have before it's time t…

Last Days of NaNoWriMo 2014

(Originally written near the end of November, but due to issues with the internet was not posted until now.)
Another November rapidly comes to a close. Those of us in the know regarding NaNoWriMo, or just Nano, are probably looking at the last few days in either relief or dread… or perhaps a bit of both. What are my feelings on it? Pretty much the same, actually.
(For those not in the know, head over here and find out… and perhaps join in our insanity for NaNo2015)
I see the end of November with mixed feelings.
The first is, of course, “Thank MF God it’s over.” 50k in a month? Was I for real? And yet, as I update this my current word count is over 80k. I am so exhausted from the gauntlet—the marathon of writing—that the thought of being able to rest my poor aching grey matter for a while is one of vast relief.
I have literally done nothing this month but work (I still do have a day job—and thankfully my boss is understanding enough—and patient enough—to take the NaNo-brain as it…