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With the school year upon most of us I know there is more than a few people who will be experiencing the sudden grip of terror upon hearing the following words:

"You need to write an essay on..."

Yeah, those words.

For some of us (myself included) the word isn't such a dirty word.  After all I blog almost every week and a blog is a sort of essay and editorial all rolled into one post.  You might say I'm an old hand at writing them now.  Funny, I didn't feel all that enthused about them when I was in school but now I write them for s**ts and giggles.

All giggles aside--despite the fact that I do write simply because I like to--writing an essay is a bit more involved than sitting down and starting to write.


The first step is to pick a subject, which will also set the format of the essay as well as the tone, and then research it.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Wrong.  Quite the opposite, actually.  On a side note, this is why I applaud each and ev…

From Concept to Shelves: Research Part 2 - The Plot's Still Bare... But There.

I realize that in the last post this was actually the third in my list but the reason I need to start here next is because it controls what the characters need to react to--and in a very major way it also controls where the book takes place... which then leads back to #2.

It seems odd and out of place but in reality it's not.

I can't give away too much of Cold other than that it will eventually be a criminal procedural thriller that is also erotica.  This is where I can see a few eyebrows raising.  There is a reason why my pen name, Meredith Hayes, and my real name will never meet in the middle.  First, anything written as Kristan Cannon is usually PG to just under an R, if it were to have a movie rating.  Also, I tend to write post-apocalyptic and near post-apocalyptic fiction.

My pen name strays into erotica, and that's a heads up.  An author will often--but not always--use pen names to separate genres.  Usually we also don't make a huge secret of the fact.

But I dig…

Declaring Support for Fair Telecommunications

I'm sure this is no surprise but I'm not a fan of big media or big telecom.  This is why I am throwing my support behind and their efforts to make our communications fair, private and ours.  After all we are the paying customers... not the other way around... and our communication providers and media needs to remember this.

Let me tell you two experience I had with the Big Two; Bell and Rogers.

Ten years ago I had a Bell account.  I bought a cell phone from Bell, as well as home service, satellite service and internet.  Well, wouldn't you know the cell phone's screen broke and started to leak.  This is a manufacturer's defect.  Bell's response?  It was water damage and they refused to deal with the phone or the warranty.  I took the phone back to LG and their response?  "It was clearly a manufacturer's defect" and to take the phone back to Bell where the phone was purchased and they would honour the warranty.

Obviously this didn't…

After Oil live on Scribd!

The wait is almost over!  Well, for those who have Scribd the wait is over.

I am very pleased to finally announce that the book will be finally out in all other formats (including the hard cover) within the next few days.  At first it will only be available on the publisher's website or my website until the distribution catches up but once everything trickles down After Oil will be on shelves or available to order at any major bookstore as well as Amazon.

As I said, though, if you can't wait that long it is already on Scribd.