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After Oil is finally on shelves!

After years of working on After Oil we've finally managed to get it to shelves.  I say we -- even though I did write it and it was independently published -- because even as an independent I could not do it without the teamwork behind me.

And that's the key right there.

Teamwork Counts.

Most independent and self-published authors will go into this thinking they can do it all by themselves.  Let me tell you how wrong that misconception is.

Just how wrong?  Let me introduce my team (names changed) just so you have an idea.

Wilma, who edited for grammar and spelling only.  Notice the lack of developmental or plot editing.  She was busy enough catching typos, missed words, misspelled words or words not used properly.  The best author will be very articulate but by the time three am rolls around even the best in the business find that their eyes are ready to fall out of their skulls and mistakes will happen.  So will burnout.  I just wanted this book done so badly that I didn't …