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Summer Splash Tour Week 7 - Leslie Conzatti

This week on Kristan's Desk I feature author Leslie Conzatti and her books.  Leslie describes herself as a manic writer and voracious reader, and her blog, the Upstream Writer, shows this to be very true as she reviews books as well as writes them.  Leslie doesn't have any books finished yet, but she is definitely getting there.  Her blog is definitely worth checking out for all the goodies and advice, as well as insights on various books she has read.

Definitely someone to keep an eye on!

I managed to slide in two questions for today's feature.

1) When did you first realize you were going to be a writer?
Probably the moment came way back when I was first getting into reading children's novels. I came across a book I distinctly recalled having read before... but as I read, I became confused because the story I remembered was NOT the story in the book! That's when I realized that, a few years prior, when I was just learning to read, I had "read" the pictures in this very book, looking at them and making up my own story for each illustration! As soon as I learned how to spell and make letters, I began writing down the stories that would come to my head. I guess you can say I've made a lifelong habit of writing!

2) Describe your ultimate writing space.
Umm, a comfy chair is a must: one that supports an erect posture, but is also wide enough if I want to curl up and prop my knees up. A desk, to put a notebook or computer on, with supports for the wrists and an easy keyboard, not a big clunky one. Shelves for notebooks, a holder for pens, and a little stool for my feet! Oh, and a large picture window that I can stare out for inspiration. That would be the ultimate ideal

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Exactly what I thought!

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