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Summer Splash Book Blog Tour - Week 6 - M.J. Spickett

This week I sat down with author M.J. Spickett, a local author who is also from Northern Ontario (like me).  She currently resides in Massey, Ontario with her young son.  There is a video interview where I sat down with her for 45 minutes.  (I'll update this blog post when the upload completes).

M.J is the author of the hottest fiction around... and I don't just mean in the selling way... I mean in the way where you'll need either a cold shower or to find your partner for some sexy romps.

Her books, Fallen and Unspoken Oaths are character-driven urban fantasy thrillers... and thrills are not just the James Bond-esque action.

It's the hot... hot... HOT and steamy scenes her heroine, Selena Hawke, finds herself in between not one but two super hunks.

And in typical Selena fashion... why choose when you can have both?

Yeah, she went there.  And she left me needing some, er, time in a bedroom with my own partner.

When did you first realize you were going to be a writer?
I first knew I was going to be a writer when I was around 9-10 years old.  At that time I wasn't so much writing as telling my brother stories, a lot of it fanfiction.  In fact, most of my writing began as fanfiction.   I hated keeping journals and diaries or talking about myself so I wrote about things that interested me, robots, dragons, magick and mythology.   Later I would rewrite and rework some of my short stories with new characters to see how they felt until eventually these new characters took a life out their own and deserved their own stories.

Describe your ultimate writing space.
My ultimate writing space would be my cabin back in Blind River.  It was situated in the perfect location, a lot of wilderness  but still urban.  It was always quiet and filled with its own sort of magick.  I miss it every day.

Catch up with the rest of Spickett's hotter than hot (whew, did someone turn up the heat in here or is that just me?) books at her website:


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