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#AuthorLifeMonth Day 9: Challenge Overcome

Most people see the more glamourous side of writing, but don't necessarily see the challenges that have to be overcome to even get a book to print.  Easily the greatest challenge is either being accepted by an agent (and a publisher, period) or doing it yourself through self-publishing.

I can see this making me a bit unpopular by a few of the holdouts on the legitimacy of self-publishing, but the reality is to do it right self-publishing is no less legitimate as going traditional.  Considering the long tradition you might say it was the original method of getting your book to print.  Cervantes did it, and I think Shakespeare did it.  In fact, Stephen King even did it (and this is the short list!).  If these heavy hitters in literacy history did it, then why do we attach such a negative stigma to the approach?

I digress, and that can be another post for another time although the point still stands... easily the greatest challenge is not just getting the book to print but also getting that book into the hands of your readers.

This challenge was overcome through hard work.  The first was writing the book (which almost didn't happen a few times), and then editing (the process of which had a lot of setbacks, up and including losing all our hard work), starting over, and then... at the end of that... deciding to self-publish through CreateSpace (Amazon's print-on-demand division) and going to print.

All in the nick of time to make the deadline for Anime North 2014.

That challenge was overcome with many sleepless nights, a very understanding & supportive boss (thanks, Carm!), and the support of friends and family... and then a speedy delivery in the nick of time to supply a booth at Anime North.

That... yeah... that was the biggest challenge we overcame, and I couldn't have done that alone.

And to this day, I can't save a manuscript without saving it to three different backup locations as well as printing a draft every time a stage of revisions and editing was completed.


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