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Belated - A Not so "Happy" Canada Day?

First things first - I am so sorry about this being a week late.  This was supposed to be last week's post but it turned into this week's post instead.

Wow, two major holidays in one week!

Up here in Canada we celebrated our Canada Day on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, this did not result in a longer weekend.  I still had to report to work on Monday.  It's a good thing I actually like where I work so this was not as depressing as it could have been if I did not.  No, unfortunately, I do not always work as a writer (soon...) and my regular day to day involves keeping a really busy construction office as organized as humanly possible.  A task I utterly fail at, if I'm honest.  I'm better than some but I can be frank and honest and say that I fall right in the average mark where it regards organization -- meaning I have to fight with it like everyone else.

I dread to think what my current boss would think of the portable, and somewhat tame, black hole I like to call my personal filing system.  My husband calls it my laptop case but it's black and it's leather and it tends to swallow my receipts so that they're never seen again... so black hole.

Canada Day is, of course, a day in the Canadian year that even if it falls somewhere in the middle of the week we get the day off.  We may have to work around it -- but we get the day off.  It's a nice break but sometimes you'd just prefer the longer weekend.  Like the US Independence Day, which follows very close behind our version a mere few days later on the fourth (ours is on the first), we celebrate with loads of fireworks and celebrating the red, white... er... the red and white.  Maple leaves (like the red one on our flag, not the hockey team) are a predominant motif on everything.

Unfortunately, this Canada Day was met with a few things that make some of us rather steamed and wonder at our own national pride.

Firstly, the Federal Government gutted the ability for our literacy programs to do their job, which basically means that we gutted our own ability to read.  What I am on about now?  This. Why does this incense me on a level that has prompted me to blog about it?

Here's the issue:  Copian is like the United Way of literacy.  Or it was, before the Federal Government gutted it's funding.  This means literacy programs across the country are now without a major aspect of their support.  This is taking a major step backwards and away from the high standards that we kept up -- high enough for the UN to take note.  Doing this we take an alarming slide back in time.

Think about what we call the 'Dark Ages' and, oh, while we're on the topic of literacy -- the novel Fahrenheit 454.

I cannot stress enough just how important the basic ability to read is -- anything, not just novels or short stories.  The internet isn't all about Instagram and and Pinterest.  Without the ability to read you lose the ability to use Google, Linkedin, and, yes even Facebook.  Without literacy we can't read the newspaper (even if you get online now).

The issue is so important that even a bank took notice.  And they didn't pull their punches in their statement either.

Secondly, and even more alarmingly, we were also met with this, which is a change in our citizenship laws related to stripping even those born in Canada of their citizenship, depending on a few key factors.

I can think of a few novels -- warnings in their time -- that if not for literacy (hmm...) and a patient English teacher I would have never read, disseminated and then led me to writing myself but I digress.  However ignoring the opinions here, these two moves by our own government is far more alarming when put beside each other.

On one hand the Canadian government has moved to kick the rug out from under literacy programs and then, almost in the same breath, they rewrite our citizenship laws.  Remember, these laws also affect natural born Canadians... not just those who immigrated here... and when you put two and two together the overall message is far uglier and I don't think I need to spell it out.  I spotted these in the Star, and while I respect reporters more often than not their own bias tends to flavour it.

Take my meager start (and ignore my own bias -- which I can freely admit I, too, struggle with) and do your own research.  Unfortunately, bias or no, I think the same conclusion may be found.


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